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Laminated or Encapsulated?
There’s a lot of confusion surrounding this so let’s set it clear for the record.

Encapsulation is where the protective film fully surrounds the front & back of the document and is trimmed 5mm wider than the print (hence the entire sheet is encapsulated).

Lamination is where the film is adhered to the document which is then trimmed to size; the face of the document is protected and can be wiped. Laminating film is usually thinner that that used for encapsulation so it is not as durable as an encapsulated document not is it water or oil proof. Lamination can be applied to one side or both sides whereas encapsulation is only ever applied to both sides of the document. The main use of lamination is for aesthetic reasons; please see the Matt, Gloss & Soft Touch Laminate page for more info.

If you’re looking to make a print suitable for outdoor use you may also be interested in our outdoor banner range which can be found on the large-format section.

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