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Outdoor banners have become the ‘must have’ marketing tool for every form of event or organisation. Achieve maximum impact with minimal expenditure and watch as hundreds of potential customers see your banner advertising your event.

Unlike many other printers we employ the latest banner printing system that uses special Latex based ink in conjunction with recyclable media which means once they have served your purpose the banner can be put into a recycling stream.

Traditional PVC banners printed with solvent inks can only be disposed of in landfill. And don’t be confused if other printers use the term “Eco-solvent”. This is just short for “economic” because it uses less solvent ink – it doesn’t suddenly make a nasty process better for the environment although that is what they want you to think!

We sell a range of stands designed to hold banners either on the wall of a building or by the roadside – take a look at the Banner Frames page for more info.

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